#podcast Radio The Sentinel 27-03-2023 dos horas de buen rock

Aquí tenéis el programa del día 27 de marzo de 2023



Tesla the Band: “Modern day cowboy”

Jeff Scott Soto: “Don’t let it end”

NEO Rock: “Neolengua”

Houston: “You’re still the woman”

The Trousers: “Hope dies last”

Found Missing?: “Nobody”

Höllentor: “Divergency”

Siren: “A mercenary’s fate”

Rojo Fuego: “Curas de Logrosán”

Feed After Midnite: “False awakening”

Docker’s Guild: “Die today”

Lieder Distortion: “Se il cor guerriero”

Queen Golem: “Guidance by light”

Lunar: “Juggling Chainsaws”

Myth of Origin: “Claim the firstborn”

David Palau: “A 1000 h”

mystery: “Behind the mirror”

The Flying Caravan: “Love’s labour mislaid”

Walk In Darkness: “Elizabeth”

Emetropia: “The old Gods requiem”

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